Technofer Ltd.

Technology Transfer

We are aiming at good nature of business which will be at the cutting edge of the 21st Century, and contributing to establishment of the General Management System within an organisation.


Reform at the forefront of the 21st Century’s
General Management System

Technofer contributes our know-how to business development !

Continual development by Management System !

Establishment of ISO9000 Quality Management System

Establishment of ISO14000 Environmental Management System

Establishment of OHS (Occupational Health and Safety) Management System

Establishment of IS(Information Security) Management System

Establishment of TL9000 Management System

Practical internal audit

Environmental aspect & Environmental impact

Risk Assessment

LCA (Life Cycle Assessment)

Message from Representative Director

Since a scope of the organisation’ activity has become worldwide, global ideas and performance over countries are much more required these days.
A comprehensive ‘bility’to embody such an idea is required in the organisation for the future. Leadership of the management is indispensable to develop the Management System.
We will support such organisations to develop with special attention given to Quality, Environment, OH&S, and IT(Information Technology) and seek for the ideal Management System.
We would be most grateful if we could contribute to society, by establishing an international standard, represented by the ISO.

Representative Director Yoshito Hirabayashi

Quality is the most important thing in the organisation. ‘Quality’is the basic for all.

Since we were accredited as the first training organisation by the JAB, Japan Accreditation Body for Conformity Assessment in 1994, we have been working on the ISO9000 training under the slogan, ‘Love (ISO-Aiso) Quality’ More than 10,000 people have participated in our training programme in the past.
We are aiming at establishing a foundation in organisations not only for quality of product or service, but also for quality of management, system, work, and human resources. A strong root is essential for trees to grow and bear fruits. Using this analogy in the organisation process, human resources are the root. Technofer will help you to develop a root which will stand up to a heavy storm.

It is valuable to consider environment in the coming generation. Harmony of organisation and environment

We have been working on the ISO14000 environment training under the slogan, ‘Love (ISO-Aiso) Environment’.
Ex-president of Norway, Mr Brundtland said, ‘The earth is not the heritage from our ancestors, but the common property to our future children.’ We are now in a transition period between the industrial revolution and the environmental revolution, and we have to change our point of view to focus on the environment.
Technofer will create a new management system harmonising organisation and the environment.

As the organisation activity gets more active, more flexible risk assessment is required.

We have been working on the OH&S Management System auditor training. We are now proposing how to proceed with risk assessment in all types of organisation, under the slogan, ‘Love (ISO-Aiso) OH&S’.
We do not appreciate OH&S unless an accident occurs, like for example, we don’t appreciate air until the problem occurs. However, it cannot be obtained automatically, and it is a key point in how we predict (assess) potential risks (hazards) in everyday life. The organisation cannot perform its own activity without OH&S. OH&S is essential in life.

Other business

Apart from the training work for quality, environment, OH&S and IT, Technofer is also working on supporting the establishment of the system (consultation in the organisation), sales of the Document Control System, and seminar for auditing performance, etc.

●There must be only one type o

ISO マネジメント

f Management in the organisation.

Naturally enough, there are several factors in the management. The organisation is very fragile unless these factors are closely and effectively linked together. What Technofer is aiming at is to strengthen each factor like a pyramid which is built up with a strong foundation and to establish Management System that maintains an intensive power. Together within the organisation, we will seek ways to link these four factors effectively, ‘Quality’, ‘Environment’ ,‘OH&S’ and ‘IT’.
Our role is to lay the groundwork of development within your organisation.


Company Profile

Name: Technofer Ltd.
Establishment: November, 1993
Capital: 22,500,000 JYEN

Representative Director: Tsunemichi Aoki
Chairman of the Board: Yoshito Hirabayashi
[Brief summary of his career]
IRCA lead auditor(Quality A003281), JRCA lead auditor (Quality A0057), JRCA lead auditor (Environment A0039).
Ex-Director and Plant Manager in Seiko-Epson Corp. in the U.K.


‘How to Draw Up the Quality Manual for ISO9000′
’How to Proceed with Internal Quality Audit for ISO9000′
’ISO14000 Guide (Handbook)’
’Manual for ISO14000 Requirements and the Key to Establishment’ etc
(Published by Nikka-gi-ren-Shuppannsha)
He is also a committee member of the ISO Management System in many different kinds of organisations.

Business scope:

  1. Training course for ISO Management System (Quality, Environment, OH&S, etc.)
  2. Training course for management, IT, GHG etc.


May 1993 ・Established Technofer for the purpose of introducing technical know-how all over the world.
November 1993 ・Established Technofer Co. Ltd. in accordance with their business expansion.
September 1994 ・Accredited as the first Quality auditor training organization by the Japan Accreditation Body for Conformity Assessment (JAB).
December 1996 ・Accredited as the Environment auditor training organization.
November 1997 ・The office moved from Mizonokuchi to Kawasaki, and the Kawasaki Training Centre was established on the same premises
July 1999 .・The Osaka Training Centre was established
May 2002 ・Accredited as the first ISMS Auditor training organization by JIPDEC(Japan Information Processing Development Corporation).
November 2002 ・METI(Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry) nominated Technofer as the training organization for GHG(Green House Gases) Varidator/Verifier of DOE(Designated Operational Entity)
March 2004 ・Certified as TL9000 Auditor training organization by QuEST Forum .
March 2004 ・Designated as Exam Organization to Career Consultant by Japanese Labour Ministry.
July 2006 ・Certified EMS Auditor training organization by CEAR(Center ofEnvironmental Auditors Registration) transferred from JAB accreditation.
September 2006 ・Certified as the first FSMS Auditor training organization by JFARB(Currently merged to JRCA).
October 2006 ・Certified as the first FSMS Auditor training organization by JFARB(Currently merged to JRCA).
June 2007 ・Certified ISMS Auditor training organization by JRCA transferred from JIPDEC accreditation.
November 2011 ・Certified as the first EnMS Auditor training organization by CEMSAR(Center for Energy Management System Auditors Registration).

Employees: 22 staffs


Group listing / Local base:

Tohoku Technofer, Co. Ltd. (Sendai),
Technofer Kanto, Co. Ltd. (Maebashi),
Technofer Shizuoka Co. Ltd. (Hamamatsu),
Chubu Technofer, Co. Ltd. (Nagoya),
Office (Kobe),
Hyogo-ken Technical Engineer Association (Kobe),
Shikoku Technofer Co. Ltd. (Takamatsu),
Kyushu Technofer Co. Ltd. (Fukuoka),
Technofer Okinawa Co. Ltd. (Urasoe)


Technofer LTD
Postcode 210-0006
Soshio Isago Building
1-10-2 Isago, Kawasaki-ku, Kawasaki City, Kanagawa Pref.
TEL 044-246-0910 (Rep.) FAX 044-221-1331


Technofer Kawasaki Training Centre (Soshio Isago Building) :
5 minutes walk from JR Kawasaki Station East Entrance.
(17 minutes from Tokyo Station and 9 minutes from Shinagawa Station both by Tokaido Main Line, 25 minutes from Shin-Yokohama Station/Shinkansen via Higashi Kanagawa)
3 minutes waok from Keihin Kyuko Line, Keikyu Karasaki Station
(20 minutes from Haneda Airport Station by Keihin Kyuko Line via Keikyu Kamata)

Certified organization by the Japan Registration of Certificated Auditors (JRCA).
Certified organization by the Center of the Environmental Auditor Registration (CEAR)
Certified organization by the Quality Excellenct for Suppliers of Telecommunications (QuEST) Forum.